How many throw these away when they buy clothes

Might as well try to recyle part of it and put it to good use.
They are handy on bags of potatoe chips, cereal boxes etc…


Most stores keep them, so they don’t need to repurchase them for their own use.
If I’m in a store that I know or suspect won’t keep them, I remove them and leave them on the rack.
I don’t want them.
Just more clutter I’ll take way too long to throw away!

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No takers? It must be a Maine thing, reuse, repurpose, I take clips off from hangers. They are better than the ones you buy. I have used them for chip bags and mini wood clamps for small projects.
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I think it’s a great idea and very useful. My wife and I have them, but usually just hang clothes when they come straight from the dryer. Never thought about repurposing the clips, but that means I would have to lose all the hundred wood clothes pins in our junk drawer… :thinking: :wink:


Awesome idea Marcel, learn something everyday!

Hmm, all too often there is no need to seal up a bag of chips that I open. :grin:


Once I open a bag of chips, I finish it! No need for clips!