how many would write up this

2nd time this week I have found the small refrigerant line partly crimped next to the airhandler unit.

This one was written up months ago during a predrywall inspection and its still the same during the final inspection.

Anyone know the tolerance on this?

January 22 2010 004.jpg

David Andersen will probably know…he’ll be around.

I just looked at the picture taken during the predrywall and it looks better then! They actually made it worse since then!

I will always write that up.

I would. It is crimped,which will restrict flow,which may in turn affect the operation of the unit.

Pressure Readings

I don’t know the tolerance on it, but I would write it up.

I would wright it up, another question is, should you be concerned about the copper line coming in contact with the galvanized siding of the unit?

Tolerance is not the issue. It’s just plain shoddy workmanship at this connection. Recommend an upgrade.

Ya, all you could say is it lacks professional workmanship. Workmanship like that is preety common in my area. I really would doubt it would effect the future operation of.