How many years can a Four Point be used?

I had a agent call me yesterday saying that the four point was kicked back by citizens because there was no license number on it. I asked her when the inspection was performed and she said 2-2008. I told her that we were not licensed by the state in 2008, hence no license number. I find it hard to believe that the insurance company would accept a report that is over 3 years old.

Do any of you know how long a four point is good for?

as long as the carrier honors it. 2 yrs seems about right

It looks like 3 1/2 years is acceptable to Citizens.

Its pretty random

Just like everything else when dealing with the insurance industry.

Most will not accept them over a year old

While there is no agreed to life span of a 4-point inspection, I doubt many carriers would accept a report that has much age on it maybe a year max. My reasoning for this is that most carriers require a minimum estimated system life expectancy of 3 years and in the past most of us have some what conservative on this isssue.