How much $$$ are consumers saving on average by having a Wind Mit inspection?

Does anyone have a rough idea?

There is no average Nick, as the rating charts handed down by the OIR are vast, plus it’s a percentage off of the clients hurricane portion of their premium (not the total, we have fire/liability & wind premiums here). So if client A is on the water with a $10,000 wind policy and B inland with $2000 wind, 20% is going to be all over the place. Trying to put a rough percentage on it would have to have access to data we’re not privy to. Short answer…no.

They can save up to 40% on the insurance

Dennis is close to what the insurance folks say but there are to many varibles to say what the average is.

Fact is ALL insurance companies require them in my opinion because it is the only way to give a client the best possible quote.

As mentioned, the average discount on wind insurance varies greatly. What I can say is that about 95% of policyholders will receive a discount (every year) that is greater than the cost of the inspection…sometimes a lot more.

That would be the best answer. All that savings for a $150 inspection