How much $ did you invest in marketing in 2009?

Include brochures, trade show booths, business cards, website design, website hosting, search engine optimization, newsletters, yellow page ads, internet advertising, email blasts, mailings to sellers, mailings to former clients, mailings to new home buyers, additional reports for MoveInCertified inspections, Now that You’ve Had a Home Inspection books, etc.


We have cut our marketing expenses by having clients help pay for some of our expenses. We will begin serving the Orlando area next week (180 miles from our 1st office) and several clients who work in that area have helped out, yellow page ads etc. They need professionals up there and we do the best job. I believe the businesses that really understand the inspection industry benefit by hiring and promoting companies that know what they are doing. Think outside the box as they say.
With the new Florida law looming in the near future companies who hire inspectors will need to know they have a relationship with professionals who will be there.

works for us

I saved $240 per month by not renewing my Yellow Page print ad. Not one job from it all year long!

I’m in the 5-10k brachet. Yellow pages were a bust this year, I ended up $200 short of paying for the ad. (1/4 page)

Thanks for some of the ideas of *where I can spend some money…:slight_smile:

*A bit over half are repeats plus referrals… but I could do more. The books have generated some good feedback from first time customers.

I spent over 10K on marketing and I will probably do just as much next year. I’m training a new Inspector to come on-board in January.


Check out this inspector marketing postcard that Frank Magdefrau came up with. He makes them for fellow CMIs. Give him a call.

Nice work Frank


I am impressed.