How Much is TOO Much

How much detail to include into an inspection report? Beyond what is required by the state of Tennessee. I have spend days, a lot of them, writing and rewriting templates for home inspection. Room by room, clump like rooms together, what to separate and what not to. I have inspection reports done by different inspectors on homes I own and there is a lot of differance between them. Its important that months after the inspection the client doesnt get angry because I missed something. Also important not to scare the daylights out of someone with a ton of minor problems, all house have them. Advice?

It is better to scare the client a little, than to have a client mad at you. Bad publicity travels fast. You will occassionally have sellers and Realtors made at you, if you are doing your job right.

Ahmen to your post ,James

When in doubt, write it up.

I wouldn’t not include a problem found during an inspection, thats what we do. But it is easy to come up with very long reports, that dont say too much, if you have notes on everything you inspect.

I agree. I would not want to be mad at an inspector because of the information he did not write up. With everyone posting things on the internet within minutes of something happening, I would not want to get a bad reputation because of something so simple and minor.