How much?? (RUSH)

Hi Guys

how much should i charge for the inspection of a 16 apartment building???:shock:


Honestly, too many variables. I suggest ask for more details.

I have done some where I have had access to 25 and upwards to 50% of the units. Often you need to note those limitations for obvious reasons.

Depends on the types of systems especially on the mechanical and electrical side. How would you access the roof, or deal with any special equipment such as a lift, elevators, fire separations, and fire safety issues?

Just to give you an idea, I have priced them between $200 and upwards to $300 per apartment unit and $500 flat fee for common areas.

From past talk here most of the guys charge standard home fee then add $100-$125 per Unit .

thx guys, pretty much what i had in mind


Are you insured to do the unit, if you have basic insurance your only able to do 4 unit complexs.
ya might wanna check with your provider to see if you are.

The first thing I recommend is visit the property before you quote a fee and guess how long it will take. If they are occupied it just takes longer. Heck, this type property always takes longer than you estimate so cover yourself. The “you have to give me ready access” sounds good but doesn’t work in real life.

Whatever fee you decide on make sure you are dealing with someone that will pay you. I meet them at the property for a initial walk-thru and ask what their concerns are or what specific information they are looking for. At the same time I’m deciding if this is a client I want to work for. (aka: interview your client)

I’ve seen some quote .20 -.25 cents a foot and lose their shirts.

A minimum daily fee plus $150(+) per unit is not uncommon. When the dust settles this (16 units individually, the building as a whole and common areas) may typically consume 5 days of your time IMO depending on size and condition. One also has to consider report writing time.

As a tip, I’d plan on making a night visit to see if exterior lights and security lighting are working. The building you see at night is not the same building in daylight.

Best of luck

Agree with James. Also check your insurance coverage.



The first question, what does your client expect?
He wants a detailed report or a thumbs-up inspection & report with less detail?

Second, how big are the appartments? (Since a studio appartment is faster to inspect than seven room appartments).
When you have answers to these questions, you can calculate the time it will take alltogether.
Remember that the year of construction, Plumbing, Electricity, Heating, roof are the same as other inspections!

Good luck to you!

Marc-Andre Beauchemin from Brossard-Quebec.