How much to inspect small...

56,600 S.F.homewith a 17,700 S.F. attic? :shock:

I may not be able to afford to buy it but would love to look through it.

Talk about liability…lol…I think you could get $500.00 per hour on that one.

Good question, here is how I would approach the issue. I would quote $500 for the first three hours on site including the report and $100/hour for any additional time spent on site not to exceed $2000. No one really knows how long an inspection like this can last, so this is fair to everyone.

You would really inspect that size home for $2,000 max? :shock: I was thinking more like $10,000! Unbelievable house, I think it may be bigger than the town I live in! :smiley:

7500 .00
150 million they can afford it

Me too, but if I had that kind of money, my house would float, and I would not stay in one port for more than a week! :cool:

Team up with RR

Looks like stucco. Better refer it to a specialist. :slight_smile:

I could only imagine the energy bills…:shock:

probaly exceeds what most of us pay for our mortgage!!!

Is that your retirement wish???

Nice part about your plan is that if you don’t like the neighbors, you can just motor along, beats the problem of trying to sell a house.

Didn’t realize this was a joke.

Comment removed, thought you were serious.