How much

Got a call today to inspect a 8 apartment complex, full basement 2 story 4 in the front and 4 in the back. How much should a inspector charge for this???:roll:

How much would you charge for one?

Give me the address.
Never bid unless I see the listing and question the caller.

Agree with bob , go look and then bid x 8plus basement and the a little discount for multi unit

I’m thinking 1200.00 to 1400.00

Your thoughts on price mean nothing without details of time spent which is the main factor along with client expectations.

I did a 36 unit building for less simply because my access was limited in advance to a 3 unit walkthrough of maybe 5 minutes each.

Professional Investors and Ma/Pa buyers want totally different inspections from each other.

If all the units are the same - real easy. Tell them $199.00 and discount to $150.00 per unit X8 =$1,200.00

Gary, why do you have a list of OTHER INSPECTORS on your website?


That’s crazy, man!

And then add for the main building, basement, boiler, HVAC, roof, exterior, etc.

I’d be closer to $1800.00