How NOT to diagnose a wet leaky basement, wrong thought process

shessh, some think i’m bashing when truth is, i am trying to help ya bypass the myths n blunders

:20 he says, 'Someone previously put in a “beautiful swale”…
ok, well how much did that cost $ and why is that corner still leaking?

1:05 He says downspout ext fell off and it is perforated… thinks that is part/all of the problem, solution… says he’ll add longer extension, a dry well etc.

Q-- Why not take a hose and run water from ground level down at–around that corner of foundation wall to deduce if there is an exterior corner crack or other opening in exterior of wall? See you T video below, THIS is what needs to be ruled in, out, not farting around and guessing and adding soil etc

Cracks in poured wall near corner , something like this is what he/others didn’t bother to diagnose, rule in–out. Some homeowners might just have 1 or more deteriorated rod holes near a corner so again farting around n playing water diverting games doesn’t find-determine how-why the water is getting in

So they paid for a swale, how much? Now paid this guy, how much? And did we give a guarantee?

Maybe, until they are out of sight?..just guessing. :grin:

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exactly loooll