How Not to Get Nailed

No one sees more renovation ripoffs than Mike Holmes. Marketplace uses hidden cameras to expose a contractor responsible for the latest disaster he’s fixing.

Could this be the same guy Max Pies?

Hmm…from what i have read about NACHI…would be good to have hidden camera to see what NACHI is doing with all the net profits from Gromicko’s “non-profit” organization…

Question: Was Holmes the one who found Gromicko’s improperly installed radon detectors too???

AW $HIT…here we go again!:twisted: Come on fellows, Chris…somebody…please make these kind of jerks disappear…and don’t wait too long, before it gets otta hand. I don’t call that sensorship…this is just being stupid:roll:
Please Zap’em OUT.

Dave Bottoms or Gil Strachan.

Yes and many want to know about the finances in OAHI as there have been no financial statements to date as required in the by-laws!

Who is Gil?? and Bottoms…in Mother Russia…saying "bottoms"to female… that compliment…:smiley: thenk you

I come here to America…because someone told me NACHI would…on 12th birthday, not only help me find american husband…(i from but…

I was assured new job, to become…how you say?? “home inspector”?
as so many other my “age” pass the exam…

Now you ban me because I speak truth?

Seems to be recurrent theme…Ivana think Nachi BB like Russian Gov’t…where freedom of speech no allowed to prevail.
From archive, many say…“Gromicko not honour his word”…it seems that happen lots…promise to pay for things…then like Russian Prince…keeping all for himself…not paying…

And so many complaints…even being woman-child…Ivana can see this place no good to be in…why American waste money here??

$300 to post on website and have meetings…and for what???
Why not just do on own and for free? Even girl can see logic in that…saving lots of american money…JA…MONEY GOOD!! WASTING …BAD!

Ivana, you can always turn to Vodka, it may help you forget why you want to come to America.

**As a home inspector I can tell you first hand what Mr. Holmes is encountering is a real concern. Some of these renovators need to be put out of business permanently. Through their negligence someone is going to die. Just look at some of the electrical issues Mike uncovers repeatedly in his show.**

Good work CBC and Mike Holmes!

**Posted by: Raymond Wand | Jan 15, 07 10:29 PM**