How NOT to write a 11 Month Report

This report came to my attention by the wife of the contractor and was written (checked) this year by a veteran inspector (claims 40 years) from our sister (brother) organization. Read it and weep!

Warranty Report.pdf (821.5 KB)

"life expectancy of roof is____ repair

You got a hold of our WAFI’s report or I’m on Candid Camera!

I believe his claim that he’s been doing this for 40 years. That report style is about 40 years old and I cannot believe anyone still uses that or would receive any referrals using that style. I would imagine he gets a ton of calls for explanations.


Wow! Now I really feel like a professional! Times they are a changin’.


Honestly, I’m impressed you old timers used to hand write reports. Spoiled we are now a days. My hats off to you guys haha.

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In today’s technology there is nothing impressive about a report that has no pictures to indicate the defect and the location.


Here’s a winner I’ve posted before from 2014… … …

Professional Report.pdf (149.0 KB)

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Can’t read it. I’ll just weep.

Yep, yours is the winner all right… :roll_eyes: LOL


WTF, I wouldn’t have paid for that.

I’m going to agree with Mr. Currins. There are still a lot of older guys out there who are set in their ways and refuse to change with the times. They get by with referrals from the same kind of old line realtors and years of experience. He may know what he is talking about but I don’t know, the report was unreadable.
I can tell you that a good lot of the complaints that go to the NC Home Inspector Licensure Board are either old inspectors like this who refuse to learn or new guys who just haven’t had a chance to gain the experience they need. A few of us have tried to help some of these guys, but when he is 80 years old and doesn’t want to learn how to use a computer you are wasting your time.