How often do IR cameras need to be calibrated?

Anyone have any information for me?

I own a B-Cam and Flir recommends calibration once a year, not sure on the cost though.

I do believe that I am familiar with it and use other devises to confirm what I’m looking at that I would know if something wasn’t right.

I heard $300;00 do not know if that is correct but I do know I can not afford to send one by UPS was quoted $660;00 just for insurance plus shipping .100 Miles
I can drive to Florida stay for a week at friends cheaper then that.

But do your friends know your staying for a week? :mrgreen:

My instructor told me… that for the uses of a home inspector, calibration
is not really needed, since only the PATTERN of the thermal image
is used to find defects. The apparent temperatures are never really
tweaked and adjusted like they have to be when using the IR camera
in other specialized fields.

The HI is using the IR camera to find defects, not measure the temperature
of the wet spot, or the missing insulation. Apparent is close enough.

FLIR will not tell you this, for obvious liability issues on a world wide
scale, as their recommendations are for all fields of IR use, including
the US military, police and fire depts.

In the real world of a HI… calibration is not needed. Even if you go to
court… you are never going to make the claim that you are producing
an image of anything except APPARENT temperatures. If your wise.

Here is the link for Flir Nick.

Yes seven days of me makes one weak… Cookie

“Someone” in my class, who may get some work through FLIR, indicated that the calibration recommendation was more a $ maker for FLIR than needed. His own camera had never followed that schedule of calibration, in fact it had not been calibrated since new…4 or 5 years.

Not needed. I have a good source. :wink:

I was told look at a pot of boiling water and a glass of ice water that one should read boiling temp and one read freezing temp then your camera doesn’t need to be callibrated

How many inspectors out there have owned a camera for more than a year?

How many inspections have you done with it?

How is it performing?

Just curious.

It’s solid state and need little calibration, but annual calibration is still a good idea:

  1. When FLIR calibrates, they also do software upgrades. This is worth it. My original B-Cam did not do data iamges, but after the upgrade, they did.
  2. The legal community is not used to solid state electronics with steady state technology. They are too used to questioning some poor shmucks speeding ticket on this basis. It helps to have the paperwork in order.
  3. How often to you have your car tuned up. Just makes sense.

Hope this helps;

Never get digital equipment “calibrated” unless you have a known reason.
It will then be called a repair usually.

I have 30 years exp. in electronics and have seen some digital test equipment ruined by unnecessary “calibration”.

Keep pictures from your own house and record the outside and inside temperatures when the scan is taken. Go back and rescan and compare readings from time to time to verify your cam is working the same.

I heard the same quote.

Wow…UPS is making a killing off that camera delivery. I’m so glad I went with Flir. I hate to rub it in again Roy, but Flir is only twenty minutes from my home office.

I’ll be (personally) delivering my camera for Calibration, myself, Thank you.

Gee I have a FLIR and their Canadian Office is only 20 minutes from my home .
That is if there is no traffic and I drive at 360 miles per hour .

If there is traffic then its about 3 hours ( and we always have traffic).



I thought you had a FLIR camera? I see that your quote was for 100 miles???

Yes I do have a FLIR Bcam sd .
My Quote was for 100 miles I wanted to send the Camera to a friend to use .
Not to the factory.