How Often Do You Climb on Roofs in Summer

How often do you climb onto roofs in the summertime.
Make two selections, one for first storey and one for second storey.

Personally, I inspect every roof covering except Clay Tiles and extreme pitches from the roof top, summer or no summer.

Oh…and there is pretty good money just doing Roof Inspections themselves also…


Hope all is well. BTW… I thought you were headed to Fiji!

I need the freaking glue to dry on my incision first Joe----:cool:

Doing OK though…thanks for asking…

Oh…and I need to see Nick & Co. in Scottsdale next week also—:smiley:

3 or 4 times a day, hopefully.

Hi Dale,

We can’t say the same here…winters are brutal.


Golly, gee whiz, Dale…what do you do when there’s foot of snow or an inch of ice on it???:roll::roll::roll:

I think living in Arizona makes that a little less common for Dale Jae…

Oh…then, nevermind…:cool::cool::cool:

Jae, if I lived in Ohio I would have a different answer—:lol:—O:)—:lol:

I don’t live in Ohio, but snow on the roof in the summertime is a pretty rare thing in Missouri.

:DWelcome back Dale.:smiley:

You’ll notice Dale said “summer or no summer” in his post. :roll::roll:

Jae, I think Dales “no summer” means 70 degrees where he has to wear long johns. Ha. Ha. :):wink:

No walking on roofs for me. Too much liability for me, and the roof. Hot or cold, no walking on roofs.

Pay no attention Jae…we are supposed to be “Noticing” only building deficiencies, not English----:lol:–:lol:


That was easy, don’t you want too argue?-----:lol:—:lol:

Me to, unless I set up my ladder like an idiot and fall before reaching the top.

I am slowly getting smarter.

Buy a coffee wagon—:lol: