How Often Do You Get Complaints From Clients

Anyone who is going to say “I have never had a complaint after 10 billion inspections!” can just hold off on this one. I get an average of 1.5 complaints a year (I keep track). Ranging from “The leak you found got worse after a year because we didn’t fix it and it’s your fault” to “my roofer says the roof is bad after you said it was fine”.

I don’t think that is a lot of complaints personally. But being a perfectionist I really let them get to me. The “I should find everything” mentality is always on my mind. How many complaints (legitimate or otherwise) do you get on average?

One in 15 Americans is nuts.

Very true Nick. Actually, some estimates are that almost 1/4 of the US population suffers from a diagnosable mental illness. I still don’t like complaints: Maybe that makes me crazy too :mrgreen:

47% are according to polls, including some HI’s which post here often.:roll:

Had my first one this year last week.
There was a massive termite swarm in the garage & was freaking out when hundreds
of swarmers came out of a wall.
I went over there & saw the termite party.

I reminded him the report stated the garage was NOT inspected due to very heavy storage, you couldn’t even walk in it was so packed. Had pics filed & glad I did.
It was in the report two times, on the garage section & WDO report.
He understood but wasn’t happy he has the responsibility of “home ownership”.
We’re doing the termite control for him this week.
I gave him a discount to try to soften his load.

Not many except for wind mits and 4 points and they always follow up with my Agent said it would be fine :slight_smile:

The Major reason I started collecting upon arrival. Been burned to many times by folks who did not agree with my results. Even worse are stopped checks. They get the report and then I do not get paid then I get screwed by my bank for $30+

It sure put my mind at ease when I picked up that $100.00 Money Order last week from the desk as soon as the guy started looking pissed his 65 year old garage door is not Now impact rated because of the stupid brace his agent told him to buy. I would tell the agent he owes me for being a dumbass.

Do you charge extra for detached?

Detached what? If on same address and under same policy normally not but if it is some big *** surprise yes. I ask how big just to protect from that and Mc’ Mansions.

How many WindMit calls do you get from insurance agents that start the message:
“I’m calling on behalf of a mutual client”.
When I hear this I know it’s a dumb a… agent that is trying to save the account because he does not agree with the findings.
I call my client & ask him if he wants a referral to a trusted agent. Usually the answer is yes & the dumb one rightfully loses the account.

I need to start doing that :slight_smile:

One time in 11 years about not giving exact location of every outlet in a dump.

I would have laughed in their face :slight_smile:

Mike look who’s coming over for dinner with you@!!

twice a year

Two young married Lawyers out of U of C .
Place was a wreck with issues …Almost did laugh but instead forced them to wait hours on a free go back and not leave till everything re-documented just for them.Jerks in the top degree.Been blessed with good Clients otherwise.

No sweat I’ll buy the food and they can cook. I love me some Cuban food :slight_smile: They got to be hungry :slight_smile:

That’s the number Inseem to get from most inspectors. Some get more depending on their area. The guys in NYC (maybe 10 or more a year) seem to get more than maybe a guy in my area. Just different mentalities of clientelle - nothing to do with skill

It is mainly about how many a-sholes you are unlucky enough to cross paths with.

Some people just think that a home inspection is an “insurance policy”. I always try to explain to clients that home ownership requires you to constantly monitor and repair things when they become an issue. Issues will always develop over the course of home ownership. You cant operate a car without monitoring and maintaining it, so why should a home be any different?

Not any that I can ever remember in almost 10 yrs.
Now if we’re talking sellers and REA’so, we’ll that’s almost every day :smiley: