How Often Do You Get Complaints From Clients

Human nature -if you do a great job someone is not happy with you!
The life of a home inspector.

True that

I had one last year, she said that her sister was electrocuted when she plugged her phone into a bedroom out, I was happy to find out later that she only received a shock…

The client called me three months after she moved in and I met her at her house the following day, she showed me the outlet that her boyfriend had already changed which did have a scorch mark on it. The house was occupied when I did the inspection and I honestly don’t remember if I checked that particular outlet or not but I went through her report and there was no mention of any electrical defects noted anywhere in the report.

Usually about 2-3 a year. This year has been crazy. 5 complaints so far.

#1 - After we did the inspection and the buyer walked, his REA told him if we’d used her guy that he could have gotten the home and termite for $249 instead of the $435 he paid us. He wanted us to rebate him $186

#2 - Buyer found Termites in the wall cavities when he took out a wall between bedrooms. We did NOT do a termite inspection. His buddy in California told him IF we had scanned his walls with an IR we would have found them.

#3 - Buyer was mad that his refrigerator ice maker is only making ice SOMETIMES. We do NOT check refrigerators AND the report said so on the 1st line on the KITCHEN page … See the comment (Note: Refrigerators, ice makers, washers, dryers, water conditioners, intercoms, wine coolers, and portable appliances (like mobile dishwashers) are not examined as part of the home inspection).

#4 - Buyer indicated that there was scratch on the toilet bowl we did not tell them about.

#5 - The seller and listing REA complained that 3.5 weeks after the inspection, the freezer quit. Obviously we must have caused this.

We do our best to let them vent, be empathetic … Then if they keep up the complaining and whiny baby stuff, we revert to the tactful SECRET methods of handling problems my Marine Corps Drill Instructor taught us at Paris Island so many years ago.