How old are you?

OK, I’m no spring chicken and much is and has changed since I started this business.

I am getting more requests for inspections through the Internet and tm (text message).

One thing that I’m noticing from clients is the use of acronyms in their messages or information.

In order to attempt to keep up with the times I have found this a useful tool in deciphering some of the messages. Hope others find this useful. I’ll QFT!

Do they have one of those things that translates Spanish into English??:mrgreen:

je ne fais pas understad votre question parce que je ne parle pas l’anglais

ooops started again

Barry, from what you just said, I don’t think you can speak French to good either. ha. ha. :mrgreen: :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile:

Nee? :shock:



Thanks Barry,
now I know what you guys meant for the past three years. :wink:
This list will be handy, but I do not see QFT, so what does that mean?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

WTF??? :wink: ur kiddin right

** **

between 1 and a 100 depends on the time of day


I’m older than my teeth and just as old as my tongue.

Santa Claus???


young as you feel…

I now go to bed at the same time that I use to go out…

54, next week.

“A man is only a young as the woman he feels” - Groucho

Which means I am 50 (my wife just turned 50).

Maybe I should find a younger woman to feel?

I think about that everyday…=P~

I thought it was “your only as pretty as you feel”, oops that on another site.

for your listening enjoment from my old neighbors

I get up and go to work just about the same time I used to get home. ha. ha.

And what I used to do all night, now takes me all night to do.

Is that a sign of old age? or is it just the mature reconditioning of the mature life style? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: