How old are your Tires?

Good info, known by RV’rs for years where old tires with lots of tread left are common.

Going to check mine now…

Dido, I need to check mine as well. It’s one of those things you just don’t think about until it’s too late.

Wow. How eye opening. I had a blow out a couple weeks ago on my truck. No problem, pull over and put the spare on. Still haven’t gone out and got new tires yet. BUT…

After watching this I realized the spare was original. 1990 truck. Heading down tomorrow for new tires AND spare.

Ironically, I was at the garage two weeks ago to put new tires on my car in the rear and the mechanic came back and said, “do you realize that those tires are original to the car.” I said yeah, still good for a few, but want new ones. :mrgreen:
The code was 3600 and he pointed it out. I said thanks, “cool” didn’t know that.

Now I really have to get new ones, after seeing this. :wink:

I heard about this a few years back, I always ask them to show me the dates on the tires before I buy them. It’s a good thing to know, thanks

Thanks for the reality check. Very scary stuff. I have two new teenage drivers, would not like that to happen to me — i would feel forever responsible - It’s endless the number of things we must be aware of, and watch out for to protect our love ones - thanks again.