How sad is your State?

Anyone other than me notice the high number of HI licensed states hovering at the top of the list?

#44, happy and unlicensed Missouri, at your service.

Funny Jim…:smiley:

Now I could see being depressed in South Dakota…but Hawaii?..:shock:


with DAWG as their spokesperson i’d be depressed too

i feel like i just came off of letterman rundown and slid in under the wire to be placed at #10

we’d be happier if they’d let us keep the trespassers out, the old fashioned way

Hawaii got ranked up there mainly due to all of the depressed people who fly there in search of happiness, knowing they have to return soon to their HI licensed states.:smiley:

I must have been sleeping when we voted in the 51st state:shock::shock::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Mental Health Professional - “Can you please answer a few questions about your mental health?”

** Texas Red Neck** - “What’s that?”

** Mental Health Professional **- “Never mind”. :roll:

Texas Red Neck - “:mrgreen:” “just luv to make dem thar folks upset”

That depends on which page you read. :???:

Rounding out the top 10 saddest states were Rhode Island, Nevada, Oklahoma, Idaho, Missouri, Ohio and Wyoming.
On the bright side, South Dakota is home to some of America’s happiest people, followed by Hawaii, New Jersey, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Louisiana, Illinois, North Dakota and Texas.
What is it about living in Utah that’s so depressing — and what’s so great about South Dakota?

How sad is your state? Depression ranked](MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos)

Probably listening to 10-20 wifes…:smiley:

I can’t think of a thing…:smiley:

You read it backwards. It starts out with the saddest and moves to the “happiest”. The lower on the list, the happier you are.

So by that list in 2001 I moved from happy #3 New Jersey to morose #14 Florida, I don’t think so. Bogus study.

Ummmm…I think you got it backwards…Quoted from the beginning of the article:


Missouri or “Misery” as we called it when I lived in Kansas, is the 44th happiest state, according to the listing posted. :wink:

That’s what I thought…

But I am surprised that Jersey made it as happy at #3… The smells must have improved by now. :eek:

Just like most studies IMHO.:wink:

Which exit? :smiley:


Israel is the 51st,but it’s not on the list.

Gosh. You’re right. I suppose if I were less depressed, I would have read that correctly. Woe is me.

They did the study during a Sturgis Bikers Rally