How serious?

12-year old home subject to high wind loads. I called this out as a wind-related stress crack. Crack is at the peak of the living room

Hello Kenton. Is that crack possibly due to normal shrinkage of the framing? That is, could the crack possibly be 10-12 years old? I’m not arguing, just thinking, if it is shrinkage, you are suggesting a far worse scenario of wind shaking the house apart?

I’m with John on this.

Without a lot more evidence, I am going with insignificant crack.

Hi John,
The wind blows over 100 MPH out there sometimes. Because it’s an area where two roof intersect, they’ll move at different rates in response to high winds. My guess.

Possible of course, but since you said “my guess” I’m hoping you also add “possible” to your statment;)

I wrote…

“A crack at the peak of the Living Room appears to be the result of limited framing movement caused by high winds. I would not consider this a structural concern.”

Sounds good Kenton, but I’ll play devils advocate. If its not structural, “can I fix it and it won’t come back again?” That’s the kind of question I always seem to get.
I quite often suggest repairs and monitoring to determine whether movement is ongoing or completed.

I would of gone with normal settlement crack at that location, no big deal thats for sure, by looking at the pictures.

Kenton, what would possibly make you “guess” wind caused that minor crack?

They’re going to fix some cracked drywall seams anyway, and may fix this crack, but I think it’ll come back.

Of course it will it it’s not fixed correctly, I would put a piece of sheet metal against the framing and re-sheetrock the peak, and let it move, the rock won’t crack again.

I have done it many times like that at a peak similar to this. “Slip Sheet”…!!

I once saw wind not far from here rip 3 sheets of plywood from a stack nailed together, flip them up against a 3’x6’ window, and then blow them through the window.
So when they ask me what caused the crack, I tell them I don’t know but it could be the wind. It wasn’t settlement, it’s in the center of a roof truss. Maybe it was Santa Clause up there. I’m open to suggestions. It’s the roof section to the far right in this photo.

As you say Kenton it is impossible to guess, but that crack is so minor I wouldn’t even mention it, other than it being normal.

Well I blieve you guys are right. The client pointed it out to me, but I told him at the time that it wasn’t serious. In fact, I think I’ll take that out right now. Sheet metal tricks’s a good one, Dale.

I would say Kenton is correct, wind stress, minor.