How should I reply to this comment

I have a facebook page and one of my latest posts used a metaphor to emphasize the importance of hiring an inspector when buying or selling a home. I used the analogy of a storage locker auction. Prior to the auction, you are allowed to look at the contents of the locker without going in and or touching anything. So basically taking a bit of a gamble on bidding on something that if you win the bid has enough value to offset your bidding cost.
The comment I received is below and I would like to her your opinions before I reply. Thanks

"Hiring an inspector is like hiring someone to go in and look closely at the outside of all of the boxes in the locker. He then advises you that this or that may or may not be a problem.

No guarantees."

I don’t like the storage locker analogy …

Is this someone that you have performed an inspection for?

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I think you set yourself up with the storage locker analogy. I would just ignore the comment.


No just someone commenting to my facebook post

Yes I think I did. Thanks

You are probably right. I should not have gone there

I guess I am the odd one out here but I would use it as an opportunity.

“Wow, sorry you had to work with such a poor inspector in the past. Here at InFocus Inspection we open up the Electrical Panel, HVAC Equipment, Water heaters and as many smaller components as possible. We will walk the roof, crawl in the attic and crawlspace when possible, and spend as much time as needed to thoroughly inspect the home. This allows us to give you a detailed and accurate evaluation of the property and it’s condition at the time of the inspection. Sure not all inspectors are created equal but at InFocus Inspection we are true professionals and passionate about protecting our clients best interests. If you think we are just looking at the outside of some boxes take a second to review a sample report on our website and prepare to have your mind changed.”


Good reply Michael, but probably the dolt that made the comment to him will not even read it!:grinning:


I actually based that comment on exactly that thought. I tried to keep it generic so that any other person who clicks on the thread will not just see the idiots response with no push back. I was more gearing it to the prospective customer that would read that and be left with a better impression than just reading Idiot #1’s comment.


If they are a previous client or just claim to be, he’s digging a deeper hole

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Wow! Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Thank you Michael

I would probably just let it pass, but if you wanted to pursue the analogy you might say something to the effect: “We open the boxes and identify the contents, identify visible damage, deficiencies and other defects, whenever possible verify that they work as intended. In some cases, we advise that you have the item evaluated by a specialist in that field. What we don’t do is disassemble the items, appraise their value or provide warranties on them…”


I asked that question prior to sending that response. It would have been 100% different if they were a past client.

Thank you Charles, I appreciate your feedback. I replied and he came back to me with he will contact me when looking for a property.
Dust has settled :slight_smile:


Actually he did Joseph and said he would contact me when in the market. Thank you all for your prompt replies. Wonderful professional support!

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Way to turn him.

Geoffrey, it will be buried and gone from the pages in a day or two.

Like water under the bridge. Thanks Larry

Morning, Geoffrey. Might be an idea to change the importance of hiring an inspector when buying or selling a home in your next post. As well, make several other posts to bury that post.
You must watch out what you say publicly on social media sites as well as when replying to negative feedback.
Good luck with your endeavors.
Best regards.
Robert Young