How Slow Are You?

I’m interested to see what the average inspection time you all are doing for 2500 sq. ft. homes? What about 4500 sq. ft. homes? Let’s say they have minimal defects and the 2500 has 1 HVAC unit (Furnace and AC) and that the 4500 has 2 furnaces and 2 AC units. I know there are several other factors to consider. I’m just interested in AVERAGE times.


Parker, Colorado Home Inspector

Honestly, the actual number of defects has little to do with the time to perform the"inspection" itself. I inspect everything whether it is a defect or not. If defective, it adds minimal time “to the inspection”. The difference in time come with the “report”. The amount of time varies depending on the defect, the method of report generation, the quality of the report narratives, and the number and quality of photos utilized in the report.

I agree.

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There are lots of variances, square feet, amount of defects, do you use mobile or do you type your report back at the office, is the client attached to your hip during the inspection or do you go over the report with the client at the end.

I’ll give you a couple of real examples and keep in mind I work as a team another inspector and myself.

1488 sq ft blt 1990 crawlspace no attic and snow everywhere. 74 findings/comments 70 pics. Client was either with me or the other inspector. 2 hours on site using Mobile and 20 mins back at office editing, proof reading, annotating/caption photos.

3300 square feet built in 2006 slab on grade attic two story Pool and Spa 73 photos 59 comments / findings, client wrap up at the end of the inspection all on mobile 3 hours on site and 20 minutes to edit report at office.

Hope this helps

45 minutes in and out. Report 15 minutes later. I charge $600 for the smaller one.


Or maybe I’m there 5 to 6 hours and another 3 hours to do the report. :mrgreen::shock::roll::twisted:

Saturday i did a 3000sqft 2008 high quality build. 4 hours on site, 2.5 hours at desk for report. Also did a 2000 sqft ranch that day. Limited to 2 hours on site so lots of pictures were taken and report took almost 4 hours to review all pics and make good determinations.

I have assumptions I use for time on site but it does vary as every home is different

For an old man I move pretty fast not slow at all:p:p:p:p

I average 1 hour per every thousand feet roughly speaking no half A** inspections here. I take as much as 3 hours on report time keeps me out of court unless I am being paid to be there;-);-);-):wink:

I don’t move as last as Charlie so my time is about 1.25 per 1000. so a 2000 sq/ft home would take me about 2.5 hours on site and likely 1-2 hours back at the office. This all depends on the condition of the home. If it has a ton of defects you could likely double my report time.

Well put JJ.
For me and a assistant for 2500sf …about 2 hr or less with no crawlspace.
That is just on site.

Biggest time factors: occupied/vacant and does it have a crawl… I am about 2 hours on 2500 sq ft. About 3hours. Finish report within 30 min. I have spent hours getting software to be able to basically do all onsite and I am still working on making it better.

Thanks for the responses. I use HIP and do 99% of my report writing on site. My 2500 sq. ft. houses have been averaging around 3 hours. The 4500 sq. ft. around 5 hours. The only thing I normally have to do back at the office is proof read and send the report out. Obviously with doing the report “writing” on site takes longer with more defects. All houses get the same inspection.

David, I sent you an email awhile back so you can show me how to do the first part.:smiley: