How to Add Credits to Your Education Log

Watch this short video on how InterNACHI members can manually add Continuing Education credits to their online education log.

Watch this 1-minute video:


If all of the InterNatchi courses have been completed how can you fulfill the continuing education requirements each year? Would I retake enough InterNATCHI training each year to reach the hours or could I submit completed course work like EDI’s EIFS training or an infrared course or building science course?

Nice, but the date is tonight! The 11th, :stuck_out_tongue:
(and I know, its just an example…)

Hi, Jeff.

Repeat courses within the same calendar year does not qualify. Taking the same class or course twice in the same year does not count for double credits.

Feel free to take an online course completed in previous years. It should show up in your education log properly. If it doesn’t email me at

Members need not complete 24 hours of continuing education, if their average continuing education hours completed per year is equal to or greater than 24. Example: An inspector who completes 48 hours of continuing education in his first year would not be required to complete any continuing education in his second year. In other words, members are not penalized for completing more continuing education than the required minimum. This exception was adopted to encourage inspectors to seek out continuing education options longer than 24 hours in length.