How to balance InterNACHI SOP with AJH?

How do you go about updating your knowledge of InterNACHI’s SOP with updates from your Authority Having Jurisdiction?

I realize we’re not code inspectors - but there is some code we need to know. When the AHJ updates their mandates, do you actively search those updates out? Do you just rely on InterNACHI’s SOP until you come to a situation that requires more research?

I realize this career involves life-long learning. I guess I’m wondering how proactive we should be at getting new/updated info (I’m sure the answer is “very diligent”).

What state are you in?


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I’m an AHJ here in Tennessee. Once our information is updated from the fire marshals office ,UL, and Jeff Seargent of the NFPA we hold meetings open to the public. If you were in Tennessee I would tell you to keep a current copy of the NEC and a copy of the TCA. The public meetings held by the inspectors should help you stay up to date. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Colorado.

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John, I appreciate the resources. I will check with my local offices and see what they can offer!

EDIT: I assume “NEC” is the National Electrical Code. What is “TCA”?

Tennessee Code Annotated is the “ T.C.A

Go to your building department and ask them for all relevant codes they enforce. Those are your “today’s building standards”.

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