How to Become Infrared Certified with John McKenna's Live Class

Learn how to become Infrared Certified® with John McKenna in this free, live class. Open to everyone. Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM Mountain Time (US & Canada)

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Over 300 registered students so far!

Over 400 students registered so far!

Over 500 students have registered for the live, online, free class.

Learn how to become Infrared Certified® with John McKenna as our guest presenter.

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Will you be recording the live session? The time and date don’t work for me but would really like to watch a recording.



Yes… register for the class and they will send you a link to the recording after it is over.

We have 876 registered students for the live, online class so far!

Wow. InterNACHI’s webinars are the biggest conventions in the inspection industry.

925 registered to tomorrow’s class.

It’s going to top 1,000.

I’m not sure if there are any seats available when you get over 1000.

Up to 10,000 can register, but only 1,000 can attend the live class.

So, it’s a good idea to show up a bit early before all 1,000 seats are taken.

993 registered so far!

Technical difficulties?

I’m thinking the same thing.

Over 1,000 registered students.

John McKenna did a great job presenting about how to become Infrared Certified.

The webinar was recorded.

We’ll send everyone who registered a link to the recording and additional information.

Thank you everyone. See you in class next time. Visit to register for the next live, online, free class.

Thanks John.

We had a good time. Thanks guys.

I was there 20 min early but got error message " waiting for instructor to log in". When it started.

Hi, everyone.

If you missed the class, visit (and scroll down the page a little) to watch the recording.