"How to" camera pole adapter

Thanks for taking the time to post Frank.
I’m building one now.
I am old fashioned, so my camera needs a physical remote trigger, not wireless.
Polester has one, but it’s a manual type of pull cord.
Pole Pixie has an electronic trigger wired with a cord that is doable, but I called them & they no longer make them. They said the solenoid they use got to be too expensive.

I’m looking for one now, but they seem hard to find. :slight_smile:

set you camera to video, and video the roof. Then freeze any part you want to make into a picture.

Thanks Michael.
I guess I’m so fixated on the trigger thing.
I’ll do that until I find a manual electronic trigger I can add on. :slight_smile:

There are many programs that allow you to isolate a frame from the video.


Very nice Jeff. :cool:

I am like you Marc. I also was thinking a manual trigger, but… when I considered that my camera is usually 28ft in the air, swaying around in the wind, often in or near tree branches… did I really want to risk damage to my $$ camera? Hell no!


I already owned a Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera that I rarely use anymore. It is very lightweight, and takes great video. So, I just start the video recording, raise my pole, and walk around videoing whatever I wish, Download on my desktop, and since my new computer is now Win8.1 (which utilizes Apps) I run the App. “Vid2Pix” and isolate the frames that I want for the report.

So far so good!

And the best part, I haven’t spent thousands $$$$ on a Drone, risked getting busted by “The Man” for no Drone operators license, or been forced to climb hazardous roofs just to prove my manhood and “get the shot”! Come Wintertime, this setup saves my arse BIG TIME!!!

Those are some really nice, clear pictures, Jeff. Kudos! :slight_smile:

I, especially, like the roofing nails through the flashing into the chimney in this one: