How to change a Tiff into a PDF

How do you change a tiff into a pdf file? Is there a free program that anyone knows off?


Install any free PDF writer.
Open the file and print it to the PDF writer. It will be installed like it is a printer.

PrimoPDF, CutePDF, PDF995 etc.

Not sure why you would want to but you can use the free version of PDF995 at

If you want to change the TIFF to another picture format, such as JPG or other you can use IrfanView free version at or the free version of Paint at


Spencer this is the easiest and fastest.

Go here for a direct download.

Ditto post #2, although it doesn’t have to be a free PDF program. It can be any PDF program – LOL.

OK smart @$$! :wink: I was thinking of you when I wrote “free”… !!!

I stand corrected! :slight_smile:

Why I’m honored, David.

Remember that if one pays for something and then uses it a lot, the cost is less to do the job. For example, if I bought Adobe Acrobat for $300 and used it only once to create a PDF, that PDF cost $300. If I use it to create 30,000 PDF’s, the cost is only 1¢ per PDF.

That’s why after all these years I’m still using Word, Excel, AOL, Photoshop, Corel Draw and Corel Paint. They sure were expensive when I bought them a couple of decades ago, but they are really, really cheap now, almost FREE! :smiley:

Thanks for the help. I got it.


Spencer, did you pay for the PDF writer or use a free one. Inquiring minds want to know…! :slight_smile:

Also which one as though I did not have the big boast , my recommendation is the best:)

I have Primo PDF and yes it was a free download. Robert I installed your recommendation on my other laptop. I assume they are basically the same? Thanks again.