How to…Electrical Inspection question

[FONT=Arial]While reviewing the ‘How to…Electrical Inspection’ I was stopped by this photo when the description described it as being ‘back-fed’. How do we know this w/o removing the dead front? [/FONT]
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[FONT=Arial]On another note – The section on fuse blocks – SOP requires stating the service amperage which cannot be determined unless we pull the block. How should the shut-down be dealt with? Do we just do it and then walk around the house resetting things (flashing 12’s) or do we note we were unable to inspect? Confused!
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being back-fed 240Voltbreakers.jpg

When I am called to do an electrical evaluation the first thing I do is to inform my contact person that THE POWER WILL BE TURNED OFF THE ENTIRE BUILDING.

I do not go around setting anything. I have informed that power will be off and the rest is on whoever wants anything reset.

I turn off power with the main breaker before removing the panel cover. I will not check for loose breakers and conductors while power is on. My safety carries far greater importance than some clock.

Now don’t get me wrong they do have a choice. If they don’t want the power turned off the simple solution is to hire someone else.

Edited to add

Every panel is back fed through the main disconnect (main breaker is back fed)

The screw is the giveaway. It probably wouldn’t have a screw if it were no backfed. Also, there is probably not a main brreaker at the top of the panel. Of course, I’m guessing that there is not a main breaker at the top because the picture doesn’t show the top of the panel.

Backfeeding refers to the practice of feeding the panel through the distibution bus instead of main lugs or a main breaker that feeds the bus. Main breakers are usually screwed or riveted in place. You can confirm everything by removing the panel’s cover.

If you don’t see a main switch overcurrent device and you see a two pole breaker installed with a “MAIN” sticker on it and a hold down screw…the chance is extremely high it is a backfed panel. This does not remove your task at verifying this 100%.

It must be nice to shut all the power off before opening the panel.