How to figure out how/where water gets into chimney and out the chimney chute door

3 short videos, chimney chute door leaks…
BEFORE running the dumb water–test

(homeowner also has 5 leaky rod holes)

Running the water…its all pretty dang simple yet somehow bypasses quite a few, duuuuhh

5 minutes later… water enters/comes out chimney chute door and a dumb azz rod hole nearby

Now i could be a big dumb azz like MOST OTHERS and just tell every homeowner to dig or install a fruitcake–fraudulent interior basement system on all these and bypass the water-test (in other words just try and get the dumb job aka who cares about the homeowners) BUTT Bubba-milk has never done that although in most cases its easy TA do. Nope, my azz wants a clean friggin conscience, sleep well at night and have a lot less money looool.

This is some of what Marky takes WIFF him to court when a homeowner needs help… like when they are told to raise and slope the grade or mudjack slabs or extend a downspout extension 55 miles away or install a total dumb shtt inside basement system, yep. Some tell my dumb azz THEY are expert witnesses on THIS subject… REALLY? If you don’t do wtf we do then your no expert witness on this subject, got DAT? Hey judgie, YA SEE? Can you figure it out judgie? Got milk?

Uncle Bubba’s milk truck! :mrgreen:


hey, I need that~!~! got milk?

To start with a home inspector should not be trying to prescribe a SIGNIFICANT repair to a foundation, etc but referring it to a competent and licensed amateur handyman for Service, Evaluation and Repair

Dan, I never heard of a competent licensed amateur handyman to do repairs like that.
The inspector should have a clue on how it will need to be fixed too, so the client will have an idea what to expect and what is involved before he needs to get another evaluation. :):wink:

Marcel …

My comment was a reply to the gibberish the Jom Blubber puts out.

Umm duh, why bother to read my supposed gibberish, i mean, such a busy HI has no time for Bubba’s bullshtt, right?
Slow day huh? Why not spend your extra time and start a post on, how to inspect a doorbell errrr how to inspect a handrail?

loool ‘gibberish’ huh? What a dork, just another dork on this-subject…YEP.

Eh, i take the time and do videos and post 'em in order to try and help a homeowner or two and who knows, maybe help a home inspector or two not get that azz sued by recommending dogshtt–supposed-solutions like raising and sloping the grade or extending downspout ext’s 8 miles away (on leaky basements or basement walls that have some mold or efflorescence on 'em etc), what the fc is the harm in that?

Oh, my expertise on this subject goes against the dumb crap some HI’s tell homeowners? Awww, well tough tities baby, snooze ya lose.

Eh Mr Bow, maybe read the “other reviews here/link”, one from Cayce R supposedly from Mission Kansas… talk about gibberish in duh pie hole, sheesh.

Another basement waterproofing video, more FACTS…
as usual this basement leaked and had some efflorescence on some blocks inside because of, due to… an exterior crack in wall, NOT because of poor grading, not because the downspout ext wasn’t 202’ long.

Dan, you say home inspectors shouldn’t prescribe a significant repair to a foundation YET many do just that all the time! wtf man. Maybe you don’t BUTT others do. In fact quite a few recommend 1 or 2 interior basement system companies because they get $$$ if those companies get the dumb azz job(s) === SCAM.

“Gibberish”, looooooooooooooooooooool. My videos are facts as to why most basements leak, why many have some amount of mold or efflorescence etc on inside basement wall. The first 3 videos posted is how an honest-exp’d mfr in this business goes about finding the actual problem for homeowners and not screwing 'em over.
Some chimney chute door leaks can be due to 1+ exterior openings ABOVE grade such as cracked open mortar joints, bricks etc etc… so for the homeowners sake (not fkkg mine) i run a water test to show them, to determine, if they have a crack in the chimney wall(s) below grade. Some homeowners have a TWO PART problem and when they do they’ll need TWO friggin things done.

Here’s some more gibberish FER ya Mr Bow, see Dorothy/ KANSAS? The diff is, Bubba will click his nuggets TWEE TIMES… ok? Got milk?

you sure write a lot to say so little

right Dan, sure whatever you say must be true.