How to file complaints against home inspectors

…Duh previous owners/sellers supplied us with an engineering report that was a month old stating the foundation was stable…etc. Our home inspector DEFERRED, our realtor had a company look at the home and said it looked fine

Well, lol, not sure you can never trust a realtor, that’s 1 thing.

And sounds like buyer placed their trust in en engineering report, hired n paid by sellers, not good, least not imo.

The home inspector? In this case, SMART! :mrgreen:

It is also interesting how the General Council for the Texas Realtors Association failed to mention ANY potential liability exposure for the Realtor involved in the transaction. He was quick to mention the inspector’s E & O policy though.

Yes sir Mr Taylor.

A few on here may not believe it but when it comes to some homeowners looking to sue some HI’s, i’m on the side of quite a few HI’s. The one’s im not are those who go over to peoples homes and tell them to raise n slope the grade or get a 100’ downspout extension or paint the wall with Drylok or call/hire an inside system terdball company. Maybe things are a bit different in other states but jesus kristams, some HI’s in Michigan here, least on this subject, need lots O’ help.