How to get balance between following code and Not following Code

I was privy to reviewing a report a few months ago. The inspector was from an area that is located outside my area, but still in a relatively rural area. His report was 140 pages, mostly citing The IRC in every section. It was really hard for me to even make it through it with all the clutter. I was familiar with the house inspected and it wasn’t near a 140 page report or even half that.


And they’re typically the one’s on FB and inspector forums looking for help with the mess they’ve gotten themselves into!

Serves them right!


Code versus Non Code. As a code certified home inspector, I don’t use the “C” word except on brand spanking new construction OR on say a remodel where a permit was required installing NEW things.

There are literally hundreds of things required by current NATIONAL code TODAY, that were NOT required 15-25-40 years ago OR that may not be enforced by local codes TODAY. The home inspector that walks around citing code very frequently gets hammered by others and justly so.

Simply recommending an improvement for safety reasons seldom gets the HI slammed.