How to get business when first starting out

Anyone have any tips or advice on how to get business when first starting out

I have considered leaving my business cards at local realtors offices.

You’re going to need to do more than that. Business cards find the bottom of a agents trash can like a homesick brick. There’s lots of information on this forum if you put the time in to search. Best of luck to you!


With Covid-19, no-one is in their offices regularly, except for closing type stuff and getting mail.

Look in the paper, ask around or however you do it, get a list of high producers and new agents. Then send out envelopes with an informative flyer (not about you totally but something they can share with their clients about houses.) in it that has a $25 to $50 coupon toward one inspection and they need to have their name filled out along with the agents name filled out. Agents LUV getting “deals” for their clients!
I sent out 100 per week for one month and was flooded with work to the point where I didn’t do it again for 3 months…then, 6 months…then, 9 months, and so on.

Make it look very professional. Use a non-white envelope. And cool stamps.

Two years and you can be up and running with maybe once a year mailings, depending on you and your market but you have to keep your name and face in front of them somehow regularly so they think of you when they are in a bind with “their” regular inspector and soon you can be the inspector they think of first.


Good advice from Larry, but if you want to do the drop off route:

If your going to spend the money on business cards for agents, might as well spend a few extra hundred of dollars on personalized note pads and pens. At least it gets their attention longer before they throw them away…and occasionally, when their inspector isn’t available, they may still have a notepad or pen on their desk.


Thank for the help Larry and thanks again for the help earlier in the year when I was studying for my license

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My pleasure, Nicholas! :smile: