How to get Delta T

In the middle of July on a concrete block building with no electrical no A/C installed. It dam sure is not easy the timing has to be just perfect. My arrival time was 6:00 am before the sun was up. (the rooster had not crowed yet). The building was being pressured up with very large fans and inside pressure was maintained by controlling the discharge air from the building. By circulating the outside air only thru the building created me a 6.1 delta T which was enough to get a decent thermal pattern from the outside. I would venture to say this most likely has never been done before. I should write a white paper on this process. I must say I discovered this by accident. Before I arrived on the job site my thinking was this scan is going to be for not its the wrong time of the year I will not be able to see squat

Good post. This post illustrates the knowledge of what the conditions were, before he arrived and the problems it created. Then a unique idea was put into play and Charley created enough delta-t to allow his IR camera to pick up the hidden issues.

Very good info Charley. Thanks for sharing.

As you can see, using the IR camera is a little more than just point and shoot. Plus, Charley was using an IR camera with a wee bit more quality than a FLIR ONE cell phone camera… ya think?