How To Get Free E&O

My E&O cost $1000 p/yr.
(I added liability and coverage for the inspector under me, plus tail coverage).
So I pay $1350 p/yr for everyone.

BRINKS pays me $15 per inspection.

So my actual cost of E&O at the end of the year is FREE.

(this is for inspectors with at least 3 yrs exp.
and meet stringent qualifications)
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I tried the Brinks program several years ago, and it was a bust. I would not recommend it to anyone. Proceed with caution if you intend to “align” with them.

E&O is a necessary expense for most inspectors. I make enough each year from draw inspections to pay for it two times over.

Good to know, Jeff. Your rates just doubled for May 1st! Just kidding. :wink:

Hey John, are you on Wally’s payroll somehow? :wink:

I feel loss of a clients trust in selling off their information.
That is worth more than 15 dollars per.

As much as I promote you guys, I should get a free year! Don’t you think? :roll:

Maybe? :wink:

Because of your continued loyalty, I will set you up with a FREE GL policy this year. $450 in value! :wink:

John, I understand your logic and I’ve looked into the Brinks program several times. They sponsor the Central Texas TAREI meetings each month and pick up the food tab for everyone. Like you say, they do have the $15 referral fee or they offer a free 90 day limited warranty to the client. Since we are obligated to get the client’s written acknowledgment that they are aware we are receiving the referral fee then I have decided that is not something I want to do. More paperwork and such…oh well.

I include the Brinks required statement in my inspectors agreement. The client
initials it along with the rest of the paragraphs. BRINKS has been given permission
by TREC because they offer a valuable service and you must be licensed to
do a security inspection. BRINKS contacts the client in such a way as to not
influence the sale of the home one way or another.

BRINKS has ALWAYS paid me. I have not had any complaints from my
clients. BRINKS seems to be treating my clients with respect.

You can allow BRINKS to pay for your clients warranty (though AHW)
or choose the $15 cash program. I take the cash and apply it to my
E&O cost. (thus providing me with free E&O coverage).

It pays for my E&O and supplies a needed service, with NO customer
complaints. Sounds good to me. It take me about 30 seconds per inspection
to email BRINKS the contact information. No paper work.

If TREC no longer requires a special form to be presented to the client to disclose the inspector’s receipt of a referral fee and now allows that as a line item to be in our Inspection Agreement then I’ll have to re-visit my thinking. As much time as I spend watching and listening to what goes on at TREC I’m surprised I wasn’t aware of that. Dang…I’m losing it…

Brinks will send you some text to insert into your inspectors agreement.
They said TREC approves, as long as the client is informed properly.
A lot of inspectors in Texas use this program all the time.

Brinks Security
email -
phone - 1-800-294-4055

John…I asked TREC to clarify this for me. Here is the question I posed to them:

Here is their response:


We were advertising Brinks here in Massachusetts several years ago for $15.00 a pop.

They no longer service our State. We broke the bank.

BRINKS has addressed this issue with TREC several times.
I will get BRINKS to respond.