How to get over 100,000 hits a month on your website

Content is king…

Hits, Summary by Month
May '08- 74636
June '08- 80777
July '08- 85641
Aug. '08- 77997
Sept. '08- 86697
Oct. '08- 96645
Nov. '08- 96879
Dec. '08- 84745
Jan. '09- 101486
Feb '09- 97741
March '09- 106608
April '09- 77979

take advantage of the InterNACHI library](

And get your inspection-related content here:

Make a page on your site for each article.

Nice Website!:stuck_out_tongue:

I see that you received over 100,000 hits in Jan. & March of this year.
{Most of us would be MORE than happy with just half of that traffic.}

Can you {would you} tell me how many inspections did you “book” because of these hits?

Keep up the good work! I enjoy your videos :wink:

Quite a big drop from March to April…

April’s not over quite yet, I’m sure he’ll get more!

Remember, hits are not page views. 100,000 hits is still a lot , but it does not mean 100,000 people visited the site. Every time an image or page is loaded it’s considered a hit. Unique visitors is a better gauge for traffic.

So are you saying that if you have 100 pics on one page when someone views it, do you get 100 hits?

How do we find out how many unique visitors we had???

Yes, exactly. So Kenton’s site probably represents about 1000 visitors or 34 a day which is very good for a home inspection site!

Install Google Analytics on all your sites.

Thanks Dom,
I added them to all my sites. Yeah I did it right. I just have to wait now to see the results. I had to have the webmaster add the code to my site but don’t have to do that anymore since I switched.;):wink:

Glad you find it easy to add on your new sites :slight_smile: You’ll start seeing results by tomorrow. It usually takes 24 hours before data starts appearing. It’s really awesome to be able to tell Google Analytics to compare this month and last months stats side by side. It becomes very telling on what you’re doing right/wrong. For example, the average visit to our site lasts over 15 minutes, and has slowly been increasing each month. As inspectors I’d be aiming for 3-5 minutes on your site to capture your clients attention and to know they’ll call you. If your average visit lasts only seconds you know the guys are leaving before they even bother to get to know you.

Another good tracking device to measure various aspects of your page
traffic and where they come from. Paste code into your page and your done.

BTW… it’s free.

Actually hits don’t mean much at all other than bots have found you which is a start. As an example “Home Inspector” gets entered as a search term. Should the search bot have your site cached, you get one hit per the phrase ‘Home Inspector’, one hit for ‘Home’ and one for ‘Inspector’. You just got 3 hits and nobody even saw your page. You could be the last one listed on Google and still have thousands of hits with a search result so deep nobody ever sees it because nobody looks that far down except to see who the poor sap at the end is.

What you need to do is make sure your meta tags are accurate and not too many and without repetition. You need actual page visit counts, time spent where as well as return and new clients information to get a realistic view of what your website is doing. Look at the location of the servers of visitors.

If your webhost doesn’t provide this information dump them ASAP and get a real one.


I agree hits don’t mean much at all. Like it’s been said, 100 images on a page would be 101 hits.

I’ve never heard of a hit being received just because someone searched for ‘home inspector’ though. That’s the whole point of a site being cached, that Google has a copy on their server so that they don’t have to look at your site and slow them down. The only way I know of that you could get a hit without someone visiting your site is if someone else is displaying an image, flash file or some other server content from your site. If I’m wrong about this, I’d like to know. Let me know where you got this info from as I always want to learn more :wink:

Hey Devin,
You’ve got a kickass website. Does your wesitehost provide you with this information?? Maybe you should stick to your compost farming and leave the serious stuff to Dominic.:p:p:p You may want to get a real website and work on implementing Dominick’s SEO tips. It works for me in Chicago

Unique Visitors: 371 — 1 April - 25 April
Average 14

I’m averaging 14 a day and calls and starting to come in weekly. Is that good Dom for how long my site has been up?

Hi Linas,

I didn’t even know that site still existed! They asked for some partnering info nearly 10 years ago. I don’t have a website at this time.

Actually I had run an online business for 10 years and took this year off from the business as I was absolutely booked and needed some time off. I have the domain parked for now. I used as a host server from way back when they first started out. I used Apache servers. Ever heard of them? I didn’t think so. Unix based system. Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. I used integrated Miva Merchant back when you had to write half of the code yourself. Ever Hear of that? Didn’t think so. I went Unix based server because after being a Microsoft Beta tester I decided they were trash.*/

Guess there is no need to tell you to go ***** yourself, I guess you got the point. LOL.


I would be the better man and just delete what you wrote and move on to better things. People like Linus are just set in their ways and I learned quick Linus is a pretty good guy however he will always be a wise ??? lol It’s just his personality trait. Don’t take things personal here, smile and just move on and help those that want it or need it. I’m glad to hear of all your success. However you really should put your website back up so you don’t loose positioning within the search engines.

Hi Billy,

I’m just a real personal SOB. I mean no harm, I just like to clear matters up when needed.

Hi Dom,

Excellent points. Remember that Google isn’t the only bot out there. To get good positioning you should submit your index to a variety of search engines. If you look at an html editor you will see the order in which bots read pages. A lot of hits are just from bots too.

A full service web host will have tools in your control panel to make this easier. There is no need to pay for this service of submitting websites though even if you may receive offers. This is just spam.

Once submitted to search engines give a few weeks for internet propagation. Once again your meta tags are very important. Also bots will constantly look for new versions of web pages so changing content a little on key pages once a week or so will make a more ‘live’ website and the bots will keep returning thus allowing for better positioning potential. This process can be automated with code.

Sometime pay for click will get you good positioning quickly which can then be canceled at any time you wish, usually. You may retain positioning for awhile afterward. I’m not a pay for click fan, your competition can really rack up your bill on you.

Got to ride.