How to Get Real Estate Agents to Hand Out Your Card.

I don’t want them to hand out my card I want the agent to lay a copy of my report and two of my competitors report in front of the client and let them choose.That is the way I get to hand out the card in person when I do the inspection. :D:D

They will be impressed now that you have switched to my 3 Hole Punch software Charlie.

Upgrade option to use 4 hole punch coming next month.

Don’t we all. That would be a world I’d love to live in.

That was a no BS statement I have Realtors do that all the time its one of the keys to my success. The IR images in my report wins the client over every time. The Realtors hear (Well that is a no Brainer) and I get the call:D Some just don’t get the IR thingy its called marketing:roll:

I hear ya. It’s kind of like what I advise inspectors who offer IR to put on their websites. Three PICs:

The first one has the caption “What my client sees
The second one is the very same PIC with the caption “What my competition sees
And the last one is the IR PIC with the caption “What I see

very nice