How to get started in Canada

I provide inspection services in Michigan, and was wondering how should I get started in Canada, since it is our friendly neighbor,lol. What is different, what clients/companies should I get first? What is the competition like? Is it alot of business? Are there any websites that I can be pointed to.

Any help be greatly appreciated!!!

In my area we have about 18 home inspectors .
Three make a good living .
I charge $399:00 plus taxes ( the highest in this area ) we have many trying to get started and charging $200;00 and some times less.
Many are hungrey for work.

Wow, you have a long drive! Can you work in both countries?

Canada is a little more relaxed then the USA.
I know When I go south they ask me where I am going and what am I going to do.
I have heard of people being blocked from entering the USA when they said they had a job to do.

Interesting that in another thread you offer inspection services in Georgia and are expanding to Florida and also have friends in California. What exactly are you after? If you want information, there is no reason to spin tall tales. Just ask.

The last thing you should be saying is that “you are going to work in the US” the border guys are fanatiacal about that and anyone will be turned away unless you have :

A B1 Visa (Business Visitors visa) - the easist to get but does not allow you to work “officially” but will get you through the border.

A TN Visa - harder to get now and you have to haver your ducks in a row and a person (an engineer) that you will be working under.

Its not easy to get into the US these days without good paperwork and a valid reason. I travel quite a bit to the US for “company meetings” and then I do some work during my time there. But the US is as fanatical about working in the US illegally as they are terrorists.

My name is Harold Lowe . I am a C.M.I. and do business in the Toronto-
Durham area under the name , Eagle Eye Healthy Home Inspections . As
Roy said , there are lots of inspectors , a wide range of prices , and lots of
competition . I charge $450.00 and have no problem getting it , however
there are many struggling to find work at $200.00.

It is a one way street we allow home Inspection courses to be taught by Americans in Canada , BUT not the other way.

Yes paper work must be up to date .
No I think the US Custom people are very smart and they know how low the terrorist threat really is .
They are more concerned in fresh meat and fruit and then some one going to destroy .
I too go to the USA a lot and this is what I have found.
My son Married a American Girl and he had more hoops to jump through and more forms to fill in .
He was allowed to live with his wife in NC but not work when his paper work finally he had to fly to Toronto fill in papers fly to Montreal for a 15 second interview and deliever the papers back to toronto and then he could go back to the USA. some time later he received his paper allowing him to go to work .
Having Many American friends it sounds like it is easier for an alien to get permission to work.
Our Best friends are from Florida and will be arriving today for a couple of weeks.

hmmm thanks 4 the responses ppl. keep them coming, but some questions…

  1. do u guys think its worth it, do jobs pay as well or better
  2. how much is this Visa
  3. would I have to pay taxes over there(i think that is one i will have to look into)
    anything else i didnt think of , please help!!!

Thanks u guys

Also to Stephen, I have franchised out my company, but focus mainly on the area that I live in. thanks for your concern

  1. Looks to me to be another who wishes to sell some thing to the NACHI members with out joining NACHI . See the adds at the bottom of the post…
  2. we should do their home work for them and answer all their questions for their profit .
    *]Thanks but no thanks from this guy… Cooke


Here is my website.

Like it?

Biz is tight, competition fierce, too many inspectors, not enough work.

Stay State side. Do not come. Your dreams to propsper north of the 49th are dismal. :slight_smile:

**Yet you have made two posts in separate areas that claim that: **

as well as

If you are franchising a business, then YOU do not provide inspection services. You are selling the opportunity for someone else to provide inspection services. Why would anyone want to buy a franchise from someone who does not appear to understand the home inspection business or how to develop business. It sounds more like a scam to me. “Send me your money and I will sell you a franchise that I know nothing about”. Do you have a banker friend in Nigeria that will handle the transactions?


Check out the website in Ashi’s…oops…Ashli’s signiture…interesting :-k

Ziiiiiiiing Love thanks . I agree good post thanks . Cookie

Nice phony website if I ever saw one.

guys guys guys, the hostility take it down a notch. so many things 2 address, in so little time. i understand the hostility. 1st the franchise - probably one of the few doing it(never gonna say the only, b/c i dont know) have family and friends in different areas, that have seen how much money I have made in the field, and I get the business, while they do it, it is as simple as that, and any1 who wants 2 join can. dude, the guys who started subway, im sure said HE is expanding 2nd - yes the site is in my sig. i cud add plenty of others if u guys would like, lol. 3rd - i do need 2 do my homework, thats what im tryin 2 do in here, ppl HELP ME OUT,lol geesh. u guys. 4th - i am going to say again I AM NEW to the field, the field of PROFESSIONAL, and LICENSED inspections. ive (well let me rephrase for this group, lol, MY COMPANY) done residential inspections (drive by inspections, occupancy reports) and property preservation work for years (lock changes, grass cut, evictions, REO/BPOS etc.)

so since spilling my resume all over the pages, lol. back to the help, lol. thanks to every1 who provided.

any1 know of any big asset management companies in canada that i could try, some list of some, etc.

You come into our house with stories of home inspection businesses in Georgia, Florida, California and Wisconsin yet don’t understand the basic premise of the industry. Now you claim that there are family and friends seeing how much money you have made in the field.

Then there is the writing style with the overuse of the “lol” to try and disarm everyone into thinking your are just a friendly guy.

So what is the name of YOUR COMPANY. What is the name of any of the companies that have done inspections? Could it be Wuraweb? or maybe Skytorch? Or maybe a new scam web business trying to take advantage of others?

If you have something to sell, then just post it. Just don’t waste our time the the BS.

Hmmm…interesting…and suspicious…

In the words of Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay…“Un-f-ckingbelievable” !!!

Suggestion…try some honesty !!!

Yeah, try some honesty with the website link you provided.

So im assuming u guys r choosing not 2 help. OK!!! Thanks for something 2 the members b4. I will restate newbie in the professional and licensed world of inspections, did residential inspections and property preservation work before .

The bandwagon effect, truly works in here. That is great.

Nothing to sell my ppl, nothing to sell!!!

Ayyy, and instead of being the unprofessional and unskilled analyst you all are trying to be, are you guys supposed to be doing inspections. OOOOO im anticipating all the hate posts,lol. So cute you guys!!!