How to go back to last educational test section after log out

After I log out, then sign in at the electrical test section, for example, how do I go back to the last section/area?

Hi Peter.

I leave myself logged in and use New Posts to view posts I haven’t read.

If you want to view posts in particular sections use this link.

Hi Peter,

If you are asking about the online electrical course, the quick answer is you can’t. If you wanted to keep the text open you would have to force the exam to open in a new window.

Question is why would you want to?



If you are trying to get back to the point at which you left the test you can use the left side bar and click on the portion of the test you were at last or close to. I hope this is what you were asking

I had to shut down my computer last night. So this means I have to take the exam all over again? Not a happy camper here !!!

Yes, you’ll have to start over, the reason is that the exam is dynamic, that is to say that when you start the exam a new exam is created, the version you see is unique to you, not only are the questions randomly selected from a much larger pool, but their order changes as does the order in which the answers appear. That is why you can’t go “back” after leaving the exam session as there effectively is no “back” to go to.

I hope that helps rather than confuses.