How To: Hide Users on the Message Board

There are a few trolls on this forum and, if you’d like to hide their content, here is a guide from the forum creators: Ability to Ignore a User


Just curious, who do you consider a troll, I have never had issue here

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I’m not going to name names.

Personally, I haven’t had many issues. That being said, I have seen a couple users bickering and attacking each other, posting another user’s YouTube videos and being callus, negative criticisms of web sites, going through post histories, etc.

I though the above info might be of use to others.

Overall, I find most of the users to be pretty friendly and helpful!

I do know what you are saying as I have read some of those foundation threads, sound like my girls fighting when they were young, kinda sad really

Why do you feel compelled to read every argument that happens on line?

If you don’t like someone’s style, keep on scrolling. Hell some day that person(s) may be the only reply that is pertinent and correct. A lot of stuff here is based on old wives tales and is not pertinent to Home Inspection SOP. Someone presents the true information based on the SOP and the idiot who never looked it up starts a fight. That is how the internet works.


I don’t?

I simply thought this information would be useful to others.


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