How to Hire a Home Inspector

How to Hire a Home Inspector

Roy, I attempted to get that BBB URL and no cigar!


Both worked fine for me.
The “how to hire…” talked about what their HI inspected and listed several items that violated our SOP.

Copied from advice column
“He gave us an opinion on how many years the old octopus furnace, originally a coal-burner, would last. (As it turned out, we squeezed just two more years out of it than he had thought.) He told us how long the roof would probably be good for”

Worked for me too.
Gill the BBB is now Office de la protection du consommature Quebec.
The BBB is no longer in Quebec from what I understand.
I have asked for membership into the OPC.
$249.00 plus applicable taxes yearly. Could be off. I think there is a first time registration fee.
If you find out any relative information please contact me.

Thank Marcel G.
I am to perplexed.
I have been looking at and talking to the BBBm or at least representives of the BBB for 4 months ago by phone.
Even the Office de la protection du consommature Quebec mentioned that the BBB was no more in Quebec.
Yesterday I found a bilingual site and was going to call today.
I know web pages can stay alive for months on the net.
Keep you informed.

This is what you get when you ask for the BBB link in Quebec.
They explained to me the BBB no longer exists in Quebec and is now under the government banner Office de la protection du consommature Quebec.
I want to join join the BBB. This is what lead to my finds.
I also fond a link to the BBB in Canada that excluded Quebec.
Language issue? Or the Liberal government officials bowing down to le Office de la langue française?
Ether or, it smells of back door political ramblings and separation of the official language in Canada which Quebec is a part of and the population has voted their mind several times.
Gees Louis. They like being a welfare province.
What will they do when Canada will not transfer them money after they separate and the banks will not be certified.:roll: