How to hire a second inspector

I have found that it may be time to expand my inspection company and am looking for a second inspector. This has been on my mind for a long while and it scares the crap out of me. I am looking for people’s stories and tip about when they made the move from a single inspector firm to a multi-inspector firm. Maybe things you wouldn’t do again or things you have done over and over that work to hire more people. In my head I am looking for a part time inspector that has a trade background, ideally plumbing.

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You need to look at what is required by you as an employer. I have employees and they are all W2 employees and not contractor on 1099’s. What will you pay them? You will need workers comp insurance and then you will need to think about accounting and payroll taxes, etc. We use PayChex for our payroll and even run our workers comp through them.

Having employees is a entirely different aspect of the business and while it sounds good, it adds another layer of responsibility and liability to your company and you.

Something to consider would be to raise your rates first, this might make a difference in that the number of jobs may go down, but your profit goes up! Work smarter not harder! If after doing this you are still overwhelmed with calls and bookings then look at bring on an inspector.


Thank you Scott. Sounds like a bit of Allan Carson’s theory on price raising and I love it. I am currently one of the most expensive inspectors in my area and plan on raising my prices in Nov for my annual price increase. I appreciate the other insights you offered to with programs and the larger scale of what bringing on an employee looks like

This is GREAT! Thank you so much Bert

I do have a probation period in mind already where they mirror me for 10-15 inspections. Then I mirror them for 10. Then I only let them do inspections for the same realtor so I can get insight from the same consistent source on how they are progressing. Finally if they pass all those “tests” I would still have them on a 3 month probation.

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Alan and I are good friends! :blush: