How To Hire New Inspector?

My company is based out of Southern California and is starting to grow and the workload is becoming overwhelming. InterNACHI has a lot of great information and resources on how to market, standout, and get your business off the ground but I can’t find much info about hiring and taking your business to the next level.

It seems like there are only a small handful of companies in my area that have multiple inspectors and the vast majority are lone wolves like myself. Any feedback about how to find/hire more inspectors and keep them would be much appreciated. Thank you!!


Read this:


This may help after you hire, Ian: :smile:

You are always a great resource Larry - and thank you for the plug :grin:

Great businesses deserve recognition, Ian! :smile:

Ian Coggeshall, you might like to read this article to assist you in your decision:

I just sent you some information through your contact page on your website.