How to identify an "Approved Equal" a/c system?

Hello everyone,

As a non mechanical professional, when specifying a particular residential air conditioning systems, what characteristics should one compare to identify a/c systems as an approved equal.

In other words, if I do not want to state Brand A, Brand B, or Brand C. What standards are best used to help one select an approved equal Brand not stated?

Thanks for all the help.

There is no such thing as a (approved equal) A/C MFG have to compete for their market share and they all MFG a low end unit ( builders model) , high end units and a few in between. Keep in mind there are two Major MFG of A/C compressors Tecumseh and Copeland, chances are what ever the brand name of the unit it will have one or the other brand of compressor so in reality it makes no difference of the name on the unit. You either buy a builders model which is a cheap tinny unit with a name brand compressor or you buy a high end unit with large condensers a high Seer rating with a name brand compressor. :wink:

Check your your Standards of Practice and make sure you are inspecting and reporting everything you should.

Ahhh Mr. Fetty other than operating the system from the thermostat is there another standard in Fla that is required ??? Me being from another planet I would be curious as to what others do.:smiley:

Mr. Bottger, Florida has a state SOP and FABI has their own SOP you can find both on my website… link in my signature below. :wink: :lol:

Ahhh Mr. Fetty I see Fla SOP can be described just like Okla SOP with one word “worthless”:wink: