How to Increase Your Per-Inspection Revenue With Dave Klima

Dave Klima has some valuable experience to share that will help you add revenue - even after your inspection. He will discuss how some of these programs work - and how he has already instituted them in his own home inspection company. Please enjoy the latest episode of Inspector Toolbelt Talk.

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Thank you for sharing that. I enjoyed it. The little golden nugget for me was the water quality testing. I’ve turned away two or three clients this year who specifically asked me to test their water. I just called a local state certified office who said they would be happy to support me bringing them samples to test. I dont think its going to make me a fortune, but anything to help the average ticket price is worth pursuing.

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Awesome!! I am really glad you liked it! I’m also glad you are considering doing water tests. It’s a great service, and Dave has some awesome insight into it

Great info here, really like the ideas


Thanks Jim! Thanks for listening - and leg me know if you ever have a subject idea for a podcast :slight_smile: