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I have a newbie question about the “Band Joist” and insulation.
It states that insulation should be “installed between band joists”. As I understand it, the insulation should be installed up against the band joist. Is the “in between” a typo or am I missing something?

Also, is there a difference between a band joist and a rim joist or just different words for the same thing?


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Thanks! What about the statement that insulation goes “between” the rim joists. Is that just a typo?

I figured the graphic at the link would answer that…
Obviously a Typo. How can you place anything between something when there is only ‘one’?
They meant “between the joists, and up against the rim/band board”.
Unfortunately, it’s a common problem with this site when you have untrained staff (office help) typing up technical details for the trained staffers. Likely the proofreaders are only reading for errors in type, not content.

Good, that’s what I was thinking. Appreciate your time.

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No, there is not.


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