"How to Inspect the Exterior" Course

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Marcel you added what is missing.
Yet you still do not get it ?..lol

The title is Column so the column text and arrow should be there as you put it not leaving us to guess.
I know exactly what that is but this is a education manual for learning and not the test section …Get it ?

Not difficult to figure Mr Stubborn.

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Well, maybe Ben will change it just for you. LOL

Canton and Pillasters are all part of the column family. :wink:

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Using that logic I could title something BMW and show Honda parts.

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Progress continues…

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So, Bob. Help me out. I don’t understand what you’d like to see. Do you have a suggestion for the course or graphic that would make it better? And I’ll work on it. Thanks.

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I have a quick question: from Section 3.2, Comments, here’s the webpage:

Here’s the 13th paragraph, quoted in its entirety:
Inspectors should look at all of the exterior doors. While inspecting each exterior door, check each storm door (if present). One of the most common problems with a storm door is the retractor mechanism. The weatherstripping is often in need of repair or replacement.

Now here’s the 20th paragraph, also quoted in its entirety. It’s pretty much one sentence:
The inspector is not required to inspect or operate screens, storm windows, storm doors, shutters or awnings.

I noticed both mention storm doors. The 13th paragraph says while checking every exterior door, check storm doors, if they’re present. The 20th paragraph says storm doors are among the installations not required in inspections. Isn’t this a discrepancy? “Should” inspect all exterior doors in the paragraph above, and then “shall” inspect all exterior doors in the quiz immediately succeeding this section, I would think, includes storm doors. I would consider changing the language to saying not required to inspect or operate any of the installations in the 20th paragraph, but should be required to inspect (though not operate) storm doors. I think this would be consistent with the practice of not operating any of the items, nor operating anything that requires a key or special code to operate, such as deadbolted, keyed, or coded doors.

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I daresay, the fact that this thread has less than 40 comments over the course of 3 years or so should be a testament to how well the course is taught. My previous comment is the first one I’ve made while taking the training courses. I’ve taken 6 courses so far, and that I’ve made it to course 7 without needing help on the forum, I think shows how well the material in these courses is conveyed. Good job, Ben, and whoever else is involved!

  • Joel
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I’m beginning the course and looking forward to learning about this topic. I have 15 years in the construction industry and have seen a lot of improper applications in this area.

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All courses good so far obviously this is very comprehensive one. Starting
now will have input later.
Cheers Dave.

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I seem to have missed some of the information covered for the quiz on this page:

Specifically, I cannot find where the info is covered for the following quiz questions:

– joists should be cantilevered no more than one quarter of the joist length…

– decks greater than ____ feet above grade should have diagonal bracing from posts to girder and posts to joists.

– each segment of decking should bear on a minimum of ___ joists.

I’m searching through several pages and not finding the info covered for these questions. Anyone want to help? I can guess, or trial and error, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t actually work in the real world…

(Joel P. Gibler) #51

I figured it out. The decking section s incomplete. There are questions in the quiz on information not covered in this course. For the complete information, I recommend going through the “How to Perform Deck Inspections” course:
For example, questions about cantilevered decks, this section covers that:

(George W. Westcott) #52

During this course I haven’t seen fiber cement board siding. It seems to be very common in northern California. Has this siding been discussed somewhere else?

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Hi Ben,

I’ve been working away at several courses of study, and am ready to take the 5th final exam. With regard to the 4 3/8" sphere, the material states that “the opening at guards on the sides of stair treads should not allow the passage of a 4 3/8” diameter sphere." I am not sure what a guard looks like, as the pictures or details only show examples of the 4" sphere, and the 6" sphere in their respective contexts (open risers, and the triangular area formed by a tread). I am imagining a guard of some type that restricts the space under the handrail assembly (which includes the handrail, balusters, and the lower rail piece below the balusters). Can you elaborate or comment on this? Thanks.

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Ready to begin

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Section 23.5 states " For example, according to the psychrometric chart, air at 68º F (20º C) with 0.216 ounces of water (H2O) per pound of air (14.8g H2O ÷ kg air) has a 100% RH. The same air at 59º F (15º C) reaches 100% RH with only 0.156 ounces of water per pound of air (10.7g H2O ÷ kg air). The colder air holds about 28% of the moisture that the warmer air does."

Shouldn’t that say: The colder air holds 28% less moisture than the warmer air?

(Ben J. Gromicko) #56

No. Colder air “holds” only about 28% of the moisture that warmer air does.

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new to the website any advice??

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Hi, Andre. Welcome. You can post questions related to the course on this message board. For all of the other stuff on InterNACHI’s website, there’s a lot. You may be interested in http://nachi.org/everything and http://nachi.org/benefits.htm

And you might be interested in https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110974399509985848043/events/c6jhsednri2973lpim6fr60ibcc

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Last of the required classes for me.

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starting course