How to install perimeter drain - This old house

same to you BOB’ster…‘they ripped us off every way imaginable…’

Lol. Yes they ripped you off.
Why rant oh a job well done. Grow up. If you were half a intelligent as This Old House is you would not be excavating soil.

intelligent Robert Young?
here’s Robert’s dumb az on another thread

-------->> Bobbbbby chimes in Sept 10

Duh kissing Mikey butt, he likes Mikey lol

WAFI alert!

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For the life of me I do not understand why the both of you are not ejected from the organization.

can’t believe they ever let you in, let alone stay

truth is you are a sorry lil biii_ch, a kiss az

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your the king
You’r the best
Best Robert
Best friend. Robert
Best wishes
Best regards
Best of luck
Much thanks from this homie
Much success in your endeavors
Nick’s the King
InterNACHI the greatest
Isn’t InterNACHI Great
Kindest regards
I’m pulling for you

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As/per-usual, no substance directly collating to the OP’s post, along with the nefarious staler, an InterNACHI organization committee chair person by the way. ie: trouble maker Mark Goldenberg.
Too Bad.
So sad not relevant information or succinct explanation/s, as per-usual.
:thinking:No useful information here, again…

Robert, as I have said before, please stop undermining the committee. It has nothing to do with your spat.


The next time you wanna call me up & threaten me have the courage to do
it yourself instead of getting your husband to call me.

Code of Ethics:

The InterNACHI® member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI®, fellow InterNACHI® members…etc., etc.,

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RE-run again… … …

As an InterNACHI Canadian member, I am embarrassed by my recent personal conduct.
As an Canadian InterNACHI (CPI), I will try my very best to ignore any violators, as well as when I post abroad.
Again, please accept my humble apology.
Thank you.
Robert Young

To the Awards Committee.
Awards Committee founder, Nick Gromicko.
Current Awards Committee officer. Larry Kage, CMI.
Larry. Please accept my personal apology.
Founder, Committee members
I should know better.
I promise my misunderstanding on how to direct an email to the Awards Committee will not happen again, and I will email through the proper channels.

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You should learn to act professionally.

What does WAFI stand for again Awards Committee Officer?

With all due respect, what does WAFI stand for again Awards Committee Officer? I ask out of curiosity and with no disrespect for the Awards Committee.

What A Fine Individual. :wink:

Now don’t you feel silly, Robert Young?


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 120 hours unless flagged)

Please leave the awards committee out of your feud, Robert.

I asked before and do not want to keep repeating myself.

Thank you.


You do look cute with your dress on.
Now settle down go forth as the neighborhood WAFI for life.
Acceptance will be your first step in not being angry.

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YOU make this organization look very bad by continually giving out bad information, violating the don’t be DUMB rule.
Latest one was you identified a GE panel as Pushmatic.
AND stop trying to boss people around.
Accept your faults & go away WAFI

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