How to keep a client Home Owner Insurence?

How to stay within the guide line of a 4 point inspection in a 98 year home, that was a flip home?
Looking for some help and if you need to send it in privet. But I need some help from you how to wright a 4 point on 98 year old home? Yes I know as you see it but what I see! LOL But the truth is, it did have newer Electric system, Pluming, HVAC (12 years old) Roof, OK did I say how it was modified? Yes I am lost for words!

Use a Standard 4 point form like the one here :slight_smile: Just add a couple pages of photos of what you inspect.

Never do a mini home inspection and call it a 4 point inspection.

Has the roof been replaced, yes or no, and since it has, yes and what year.
Newer electric system, what year?
New plumbing, what year?
New a/c, what year.

Answer the questions asked…not the ones not asked.

Use the nachi 4 point form format!
Answer the questions ask.
It is not a structural inspection!
Before attempting to perform insurance inspections PLEASE search and read all threads on this board about 4 points.
You are looking for dates last updated. Check online permitting for your county,
if none, ask the owner for clues. Look at previous sales etc.

Electrical -

  1. it is not unusual to find Knob and Tube wiring in a home with an updated panel and wiring. Areas that are hard to reach ( or hot in summer ) often get over looked during rewire work. Attic, outside walls etc.
  2. wiring may be newer but still old! If the home has 3 prong outlets check outlets for 2 wire no ground. 3 prong outlets with a boot leg ground is not unusual. It is an easy fix for owner - GFCI in each circuit etc.
  3. Old fuse boxes with no cover being used as junction box or sub-panel.

NEVER use the NACHI 4 point.
It is a mini home inspection and most of the info is not needed. It is pure foolishness to use that form.

Use a traditional 4 point inspection form as I suggested.:cool: