How to keep a crawlspace or basement dry, NOT!

They are very short videos, won’t hurt for long.


For the 8 millionth time, this is incompetent nonsense. ](*,)

Here’s a question for ya…
When the homeowner with the leaky basement or crawl is getting water in DUE TO, lets say, open, cracked mortar joints or say through a deteriorated sill or openings around, under a basement window or door, just how in the world will playing with the grade, seal those openings which IS where the water actually enters for some peeps, help me wiff dat.

The correct recommendation is NOT regrading!!! ](,)](,)
Regrading does NOT, repeat, does not keep all subsurface water away from, off of, the dang basement wall, crawl wall!!! Where do you people get this CRAP from?

The recommendation should be, let’s find, locate, identify HOW and WHERE the water is getting in, winding up on the stooooopid floor!
You need to find the sob problem(s) in order to fix it, duuuuh, don’t CHA!

You could get sued for this bulshhht!

How about those basements that get water in, on floor due to a blockage, clog etc in the lateral line? You HAVE to check this to see if it is PART or ALL of some homeowners problems and telling them to raise and slope the grade is friggin waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off, isn’t it!!!

What if the problem (water in crawl, basement) is due to a floor drain that was covered, cemented over…huh? How about if the problem is condensation due to some bozo putting plastic against basement walls? Nah, don’t bother to take the time to find the problem, just tell all homeowners to play with the grade eh?

Please don’t tell the Milkman or any homeowner this bulshtt because, its bullshttt, got that???

And when did HARDWARE people become experts of this-subject, huh?
loooooooooooollllollllllllllllllllllllllllll, another crock 'o crap. #-o

So we have hardware guys, builders (not you Marcel lol), landscapers, plumbers, home inspectors (lol, not ALL!), realtors, concrete guys, home improvement radio talk show hosts etc etc who supposedly are experts, have all the right answers on this subject eh!

Do electricians or roofers etc gotta deal with soo much buslttt, so many others who claim to be better, have the solutions RATHER than them? lol

Dewey Oxburger

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