How to locate a well ?

I have a client who’s son lives in British Columbia, Canada who has asked me how to find a well under 2 feet of snow. Can anyone please advise how to locate a snow covered well? I suggested checking with well drillers to find out how but he has had a well driller attend the property with no success. Now if there are any BC inspectors who may have encounter a similar situation your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Russell

Witching Stick??

Metal detector perhaps if it is a drilled well
Ps look to see were the septic line goes out not waste time on that side of the home

Jae beat me too the witching stick idea, so I recommend a pair of dowsing rods :smile:**

Tell me this wouldn’t work?

Have someone
Run Hot water down a drain for a few minutes ahead,
While you look outside with a Thermal camera
for heat signatures…?:wink:

Well… a well provides the water, we’re not looking for the septic.

But, you might have something there. Ground water temperature averages 50 degrees F. so looking around with the Thermal camera might find the well cap, under the snow.

Daily Planet had a segment on finding the different temperatures of snow in the layers. Amazing how you could see the hard packed snow contrast with the soft snow. I would think that this could work in finding the well also.

Look at the ‘site plan’ on file with the AHJ. It should have all the info you need to locate it. Another resource would be the well drillers log that was issued with the well when drilled. Also, the last well certification may have the info. If not, get out there and tromp around with the kids. Someone is bound to bang their knee on it.

would it be not simply look for incoming water line and then check in that area with a metal detector?

I have always had good luck with the witching rods I use two 15% silver brazing rods. Fly me up there I will find it for ya:D:D

Dowsing Rods…
Do not joke…
I have seen this done with amazing accuracy…

How it works…?
I have no idea…

I use 3/8 copper pipe works great

Check the official survey of the property. It normally indicates the location of the well and the location of the septic tank and leaching field.


Go to the public health unit. There is always a septic plan that has to be filed and has the well location on it.

If the Pump is in the well I would take my compressor and stick a hose down the Electric feed Pipe and turn on the air .
This should melt the snow and show you where the well head is .
If you have a beagle like mine then Put a piece of smoked meat in the pipe and the dog will find where the well is instantly ,snow will not stop her .
In Ontario I think all wells now are Recorded and with the numbers and a GPS you can find all new wells .

Just rent a backloader and start digging or shoot in a smoke bomb.

Health unit will have location of well and septic systems. As good as Thermal imaging is it will not see the well pipe as it is located below the frost line which is usually 36" to 48" below ground surface.
Look for the well head should be about 16 inches above ground and in the area of where the interior inlet is.

If you have exhausted these methods, get a hold of Roy and his dog.